I made a film!

Susan J. Erickson has red cowboy boots and impeccable diction. She’s a poet hero of mine who I met back in the land of Douglas fir, though we’re both ladies of the 10,000 lakes.

Sue won the Brick Road Poetry Press prize last year, and her book, Lauren Bacall Shares a Limousine, is out now. Her collection of lady persona poems is tonally diverse, smart, and powerful.

Sue asked me to make a book trailer for her. We chose to work with her poem “Rapunzel Brings Her Women’s Studies Class to the Tower” partially because I now live near a giant bell tower and tracts of forest, but mostly because this poem is a linchpin poem. Rapunzel is trying to “relinquish the rib of victimhood.” She pushes back against the story we tell about her. She tells her class “your voices are searchlights that can sweep the horizon to reveal fault lines and illuminate passage.” What a good lesson.

Shadow Sail Theatre at the Lightcatcher Museum on Friday, 10/2

I’m thrilled to have my poem, “Different Versions of Darkness,” featured in the Shadow Sail Theatre installation and performance at the Lightcatcher Museum. Heather Dawn Sparks, lead artist, makes gorgeous and magical sculpture and theatre. Look at this horse!

Last I heard, there might be letters made of willow, or oil barrels made into lace to project words onto sails… Friday night during Art Walk, swing by the Lightcatcher to catch whatever light and shadow, whatever version of darkness and illumination you can. Performance begins at 7:30. More info on facebook, of course.

Musical collaboration with Stephen & Shannon O’Bent

I just got this video from Stephen O’Bent, composer, musician, and juggler extraordinaire. Last fall he asked me if I’d be interested in writing a text he might use to compose a piece for his Master’s Recital at UW. He wondered if the text could be “rhymey and pop musicky” with a theme of roads and transition. Also, because of his composing class, he was excited about the idea of listening and hearing on multiple levels. What luck! I am always excited about hearing things on multiple levels, I was experimenting with sonnets last fall (rhymey–check!), and I write about transition and liminal spaces almost all the time. So. Here are the fruits of our labor. Well, mostly Stephen and Shannon’s: