Editing & Design

I work with writers and small presses. Here’s what I can do:
  • Edit drafts of creative work or copy
  • Line edit pieces or whole manuscripts
  • Copy edit and prepare text for design
  • Manage permission requests and prepare images for publication
  • Design interior layout of a book, customized to enhance tone, style, and feel
  • Create eye-catching book covers using author’s desired image
  • Proofread final design files
  • Liaise with printer or navigate printing service
Contact me to find out if I’m a good fit for your project.

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“Ellen Rogers is the absolute best person to have on your team. She will cheerfully tweak the small details to make sure your product comes out right. Ellen worked with me diligently on the cover and interior design of my latest book, An Earlier Life, doing iteration after iteration until it was perfect. This book won the Washington State Book Award in Memoir, and I believe Ellen’s work was instrumental in the way it has been so well received in the world.”

— Brenda Miller, writer

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Noisy Water Inner Layout

“When we engage Ellen Rogers to work on a book project, we experience a tremendous sense of relief. We know the work will be done right and well and the book will emerge with more style, substance, and accuracy than we could ever manage without her — yet at the same time, it will still be OUR book.

Ellen handles each aspect of the publishing project with a grasp of the big picture and an eye for fine detail. She can make astute suggestions on content, develop and implement design, copyedit and proofread with an astonishing level of care, and manage the project through to completion. Plus — and this is no small matter — she’s a pleasure to work with.”

— J.I. Kleinberg, editor of Noisy Water

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“I worked with Ellen Rogers on a complex digital book that blended science and memoir, titled Curious Atoms: A History with Physics. The book used illustrations from a variety of NASA sources, and presented a major challenge with both permissions requests and page design. Ellen did a masterful job — she was always incredibly thorough, detailed, and prompt, in addition to being wildly creative with a keen eye for design. No permissions challenge daunted her! And her fees were remarkably reasonable. I honestly could not have published this book without Ellen.”

— Susanne Paola Antonetta, writer