• Three poems in Split Rock Review (October 2020)
  • “Mud Season” in Flyway (March 2019)
  • “Brigget Bishop’s Last Words to Samuel Shattuck, the Dyer – Salem, June 1692” on Terrain.org (February 2019)
  •  “Impenetrable” and “Inversion” in Canary (Winter 2018)
  • “Norwich Triptych” in Cincinnati Review (Spring 2018)
  • “Bypass” in Cold Mountain Review (Spring 2018)
  • “Arborvitae” on Apogee (online: Place[meant], February 2018)
  • “Cirque Calder Encore, 1970” and “Curiosities of Cirque Calder, 1927” on New Orleans Review (online, February 2017)
  • “Recovering” on The Hopper (online, November 2016)
  • “After Leaving, Before Arrival” in The Quieting from Platypus Press (October 2016)
  • “The Disappearing Woman” on So to Speak (online, September 2016)
  • “Tallgrass” on The Fourth River (Tributaries, September 2016)
  • “Tide’s Aporia” in Cirque (Volume 7 No. 2, Summer 2016)
  • “Arrival of the Circus” in Winter Tangerine Review (Volume 5, April 2016)
  • “Body Removal” in Redivider (Volume 13.1, February 2016)
  • “Knot” in Camas (Winter 2015)
  • “What I Kept to Myself” on Pacifica Literary Review (online, October 2015)
  • “Ouranophobia” in Midwestern Gothic (Issue 14, Summer 2015) and Noisy Water (December 2015)
  • “to minnesota again for a minute of winter” in Floating Bridge Review (No. 4, 2011)
  • “Emerging Face” in Crab Creek Review (Volume 23.2, Fall 2010)
  • “Window Seat” in Poetry Walk: The First Five Years via Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest (2010)



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